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Welcome to the homepage of the Research Group Optimization!

The studies of our research group focus on discrete optimization.

Our main topics in the moment are the development of robustness concepts and algorithms, especially for multi-criteria optimization, see [Ehrgott, Ide, Schöbel (2014)] and [Ide, Schöbel (2016)], integrated optimization of several planning steps, see FOR2083, polynomial (combinatorial) optimization, see [Fischer (2016)], and the placing of multidimensional structures in location theory, see [Schöbel (2015)].


We are considering applications in public transport planning within the DFG research unit on integrated planning in public transport and the SWZ-project ASimOV. With machine allocation in factory planning Juniorprofessor Anja Fischer contributed a new field of applications, which is also funded by a project of the Simulation Science Center. Additionally, our research group is participating in the research training groups GK1703 and GK2088.

For students alongside basic lectures also advanced courses in discrete optimization are taught. Furthermore, the interdisciplinary project PILZ took place for the seventh time. In addition, numerous projects to improve mathematics as a subsidiary subject were conducted as well as support to the start of new students at the university as part of Campus QPLUS.



  • October 2017: Greetings from the retreat of the Research Group Optimization in Eschwege!
  • October 2017: We wish Anja Fischer and Mirko Dahlbeck all the best for their future work at the TU Dortmund!
  • September 2017: At the ATMOS 2017, the Best Paper Award was received by the submission of the research group Optimization! The paper is called "Look-ahead approaches for integrated planning in public transportation" by Julius Pätzold, Alexander Schiewe, Philine Schiewe and Anita Schöbel.
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