Institute for Numerical and Applied Mathematics - Research Group Optimization


The Research Group Optimization - along with 11 other European universities and the French Railway Company SCNF - takes part in the research project ARRIVAL (Algorithms for Robust and online Railway optimization: Improving the Validity and reliAbility of Large scale systems) that is supported by the European Commission in the course of the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technical Development.
The project aims at better understanding and developing efficient solving methods for complex optimization problems as present in the various planning steps in railway transportation. The Research Group Optimization is engaged in the following work packages:

WP2: Robust Network and Line Planning

WP2 aims at developing robust network- and line-planning-algorithms.

WP5: Delay Management

WP 5 deals with delay management: If traffic operations are disrupted the disturbances have to be reacted to by modifying the original time table accordingly.
The project was lauched in February 2006 and terminated in May 2009.
Arbeitsgruppe Optimierung