Institute for Numerical and Applied Mathematics - Research Group Optimization

A short presentation of the Research Group Optimization

Applied mathematics are an important field of research where mathematical methods are enhanced and put in use for real problems and applications. Today it is already possible to solve problems with several thousands of variables and constraints quickly and reliably. Even though the development of computer technology makes a large contribution to solving numerical problems, the expected rise in computing power doesn't suffice to solve real world's problems that are often very large or extremly hard. In fact mathematical methods are required to gain insight into the problem's structure. Based on the knowledge of the problem's structure efficient algorithms can be developed.
The Research Group Optimization of the Georg-August-Universität has been founded in 2004 and focuses on discrete optimization under the direction of Prof. Dr. Anita Schöbel. The treated fields of research are part of combinatorial optimization and include:
  • network optimization,
  • location theory
  • multi-objective optimization,
  • integer optimization,
  • nonlinear integer optimization,
  • robust optimization,
  • game theory

as well as their respective applications.
The research group periodically provides courses on discrete optimization. In doing so also new forms besides lectures, exercise courses and seminars are used. During the Pilotprojekt PILZ students have the chance to develop mathematical methods on real problems. On the other hand important key qualifications are gained in these projects as PILZ is interdisciplinary. In a project to improve subsidiary mathematics the Research Group Optimization looks at mathematical methods used in biology and geology. Further information on courses currently offered is found here: Teaching.
A field of application is delay management in rail traffic. In close cooperation with the German national railway company (Deutsche Bahn AG) and in Europe-wide cooperation with other universities among other things time tables are developed that can avoid expansion of delays by their design.

Arbeitsgruppe Optimierung